SAMPAD English Session

The second English session will be held next Tuesday, September the 15th 2009 on 5:30 in Milad Shopping Center (Call me for the location).
Things to be done:
1-    Introduce ourselves
2-    Define the structure of the class
3-    Discussion about “Modern Art”
4-    Proposing subjects for the next session
5-    Introducing books to learn more
Please write a short essay about the subject (Modern Art), and bring it to the class, they will be collected, corrected, and re-submit to you in the next session.
Please leave a comment if you intend to join us.
Mahssa Mohegh

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  1. Although there were many empty places yesterday, but it was really fun
    thank you, specially for your perfect paper corrections

    English Sessions, Each one better than the Last
    (جلسات انگلیسی، هر روز بهتر از دیروز)

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